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Workaround for the Rift “123: Selection Authentication Accepted” crash

Here we have a workaround for the Rift “123: Selection Authentication Accepted” crash. This is not a solution it is a workaround. I have been trying to install Rift under Wine for some time now, I used to have it working for an older Rift version fine (like most people) but with the change to Glyph it stopped working. I tried a few guides here and there and also tried PlayOnLinux & Crossover nothing worked quite right; as it turns out this was due in part to neither PlayOnLinux nor Crossover being able to find my 32bit GL/dri for the FGLRX drivers. With the GL/dri problem in play Rift would boot and stay on a black screen, the fix for this was simple enough thankfully and finally Rift booted to the character select screen … oh happy days… though not for long.

Having successfully run Rift I shut it down and proceeded to complete some pending work. A few hours later and work done it was time to play Rift once more. It worked earlier, why wouldn’t it work again? Double Click …. loading, 20% and crash. Might have just been a bit of bad luck, it is running under wine after all, arguably something that should never have been possible. Try again, same result. Not good. A little bit of googling tells me there is no known solution apart from an update to Crossover.

Having just tried the demo and seeing Rift fail to install …. yes it was probably due to the 32bit dri support missing…. but I already had this setup in PlayOnLinux using standard wine with the better results than I had seen on Crossover thus far. I wasn’t about to lay down some cash just in case it might work.

First step was to rename the config directory just to see what would happen on new configs, for reference the location of config directory can be found below

~/.PlayOnLinux/wineprefix/Rift/drive_c/users/<username>/Application Data/RIFT

Launching Rift then works again, I have to sit through the intros, re-accept the EULA and reconfigure the system but hey …. small price to pay. Well not small enough for me, so we kept looking

Deleting one config at a time and relaunching until the game worked finally pointed to the problem being with rift.cfg, the question was what setting could be causing the crash?

  • Movies? No as it turned out, well we kind of assumed this as we were already passed this when it crashed?
  • Graphics? No doesn’t matter what we are set to it still crashes
  • EULA? I wouldn’t have thought so, but it is next in line for the startup sequence.

As it turns out it is the EULA window, or at least opening the EULA prevents the crash from occurring which will do as a workaround.

  • Start by deleting the value from the config key, that in my config is 301 leaving blank and saving the config file.
EULA = 301
  • Launch Rift, it will launch successfully, skipping the movies and ask you accept the EULA.
  • From here the game can be used successfully.

 Rift EULA screen 123 Fix

You can also make rift.cfg read only, without incident once your game is configured and you have deleted the value from EULA config key. This will prevent the system from updating the EULA string after you accept it forcing the window to open every startup.

This is a workaround I can live with.

Rift In-Game 123 Fix

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