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SEGA Mega Drive USB Development Kit – UMDKv2

Chris McClelland developed this a few years back and I missed it, it is an opensource USB SEGA Mega Drive Development Kit (UMDKv2). Having watched the Youtube videos it looks fantastic and now I would like to have one. Thankfully it is opensource, of course my soldering skills are not up to par. Amazing to see such a project as opensource allowing all DIY’ers to get on board and hack or created Mega Drive games.

Ultimate SEGA Megadrive Development Kit v2
Ultimate SEGA Megadrive Development Kit v2

As Chris states it is based on an FPGA and was built to demonstrate his FPGALink project,The PCB is made to fit the existing form factor of the retail SEGA Mega Drive cartridges so it will fit an existing donor shell with only slight modification to accommodate the sister board. Chris approached this from an educational perspective not having a history with the console prior to 2008 when he received off his then girlfriend during a clean out. As an avid SEGA fan boy this quite the demonstration, I can only think Action Replay on growth hormones.

In the demonstration Chris takes us through the hardware in great detail, he explains the component costs in case you were thinking of building one yourself and then shows us how to hack the SEGA classic, Sonic 1 through the USB debugging capabilities with GDB. The end result is a quick overview of Assembly language and Sonic with infinite lives. In the 3rd instalment he also takes the time to demonstrate how to align the debugger with pre-existing c code for homebrew development.

  • Video 1: Introduction to the hardware components
  • Video 2: Reviewing the debugging interface and sister scripts
  • Video 3: Homebrew development on the UMDKv2

Resources for the USB SEGA Mega Drive Development Kit (UMDKv2)

Have you built one? Provide us a link in the comments.

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