This pack provides episode information and thumbs for the gaming show Retro Core.These files allow XBMC to add Retro Core into library mode correctly.Each episode nfo includes the details listed on the Retro Core website, the
director/producer and the aired dates.

Aired dates were gathered in this order
1. Release nfo files
2. Segagaga Domain website information
3. file dates in http view mode
4. Archive dates in release files

Seasons were used to seperate the two individual shows whilst combining them
into a single series under XBMC.

Retro Core is Season 01
Retro Core II is Season 02
Specials are Season 00

Thumbnails are taken from site where possible, or screenshots during
watching. Season thumbnails were created specifically for this pack. Fanart is used with
permission from nigelicious at the Aussie Arcade forums. TV Show banner recreated from scratch.



-Extract archive contents into the Retro Core episode directory
-Rename the Retro Core video files to match scraper naming conventions, the source
names will differ dependant on the release you have.
i.e. RetroCore01.avi is renamed to retro.core.s01e01.avi
-Add Retro Core to the XBMC library


An additional pack is provided, in this pack is the DVD cover thumbnails for Retro
Core 1 episode 11+ and the specials as shown on the website. If you would prefer to
use these copy them over the default tbn files.

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