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Import Firefox passwords into a KeePass Database

KeePass is a secure open source freely available cross platform password safe. Installable versions of KeePass are a available for GNU/Linux, Android, IOS, Windows, Mac OSX and a Portable version is available for Windows from

A few years ago I wrote a basic perl script to convert a Password Exporter csv file into a KeePass XML file which can then be imported into a KeePass database. Here is a small guide on how to get those pesky passwords from Firefox into KeePass.

This guide assumes you have the following pre-installed


Export Passwords from Firefox

Install the Password Exporter Addon for Firefox


Open the Firefox security preferences Edit -> Preferences -> Security

Press the Import/Export Passwords button

Leave all the settings as default

Press the Export Passwords button

Select Password Export (.csv) for the file format, Remember the filename and location for use later. Click Save.

Once completed firefox will prompt you to let you know the final state of the export process.


Convert the exported csv to a KeePass xml

Use my script to process the exported data into KeePass XML format

$ ./ password-export-2012-04-25.csv > keepass_import.xml


Import Passwords into Keepass

Open Keepass

File -> Import From -> Keepass XML (*.xml)


Select the keepass_import.xml file and click Open

As you can see from the screenshot above all your passwords will now be locked away in your KeePass database.



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