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gPodder Import Podcasts Script

I’ve been looking for a crossplatform/crossdevice Podcast solution for a few weeks now. In the latest incarnation I have started using gPodder in conjuction (more on that later). I’ve been using Podcast Addict (PA) on Android for sometime and accumulated an number of episodes. I’d stick with PA if it would integrate to as it is a fantastic application, until such time as that happens I’ll move to some other software (still working that out) that does support The most notable item when switching to gPodder as a desktop client? There was no means to import existing downloaded episodes.

The main gPodder application is written in python so I have forked it on github but until such time as I get around to reviewing the code and working out how to integrate an import function I have written a quick gPodder import script to match the PA file naming convention. If you have an existing PA install and wish to move your existing podcast downloads to the desktop this script can assist.


The script is available on github and should be easily modifiable to other naming conventions if you so desire. There are some steps you need to take prior to running the script, these are detailed below.

  1. Import your OPML backup into gPodder, close gPodder once done.
  2. Copy your podcasts from your device to the gPodder downloads directory
  3. Confirm folder names are as required by gPodder (gPodder supports ascii only folder names and appears to tuncate at a certain length)
  4. Run the script and wait for it to finish.
  5. Open gPodder to see your registered podcasts.

Whilst a majority of items will be matched, there may be some stragglers which aren’t currently covered by this script. It appears there may have been different naming conventions applied over versions of PA.



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