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Enemy Territory on Ubuntu 12.04 with sound.


Enemy Territory sound is a fickle thing, at least on my system.

Below are my notes on having sound running correctly on Ubuntu 12.04.


  • Enemy Territory is installed, (if not in your home directory adjust the below with sudo to suit)
  • You have a multi-arch system already setup
  • Your current directory is that of the ET installation

Sound in Enemy Territory

  • Enemy Territory looks for the sound device at /dev/dsp (OSS) when launching,
  • Ubuntu uses PulseAudio.
  • Pulse Audio provides a wrapper called ‘padsp’.
  • Enemy Territory accesses the /dev/dsp device in a manner which the Pulse Audio wrapper does not support.

Some smart cookie ( has written a SDL wrapper for Enemy Territory pushing the audio through SDL in place of the default OSS/system PulseAudio.


Download the wrapper

$ wget -q -O - | gzip -d > et-sdl-sound && chmod a+x et-sdl-sound

The above command line will download and unpack the et-sdl-sound script.


Locate libSDL

For the next part you will need to know the location of the game installation (if not default) and the location of your 32bit

To find your 32bit libSDL:

$ locate libSDL

My 32bit library was located at /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/


Edit the script

$ nano et-sdl-sound

Uncomment the GAME_PATH line and edit to your installation path


Uncomment the LIBSDL line and edit it to include the location of your 32bit libSDL library


Edit TMP_DIR from the default, my installation will not preload from /tmp this was the kicker and had me stumped for a while. As soon as the was changed to the installation directory it fired up with sound.


Save the file and execute the game with using the et-sdl-sound script in place of the standard executable

$ ./et-sdl-sound


That’s it, Enemy Territory fired up with sound after the steps above were completed

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