The list below is an effort to dump all my owned carts and verify content of each in line with the Cowering Goodtools catalog. - @sairukau


I patched the version 1.1 US SegaCD to PAL many years ago for use with Mike Pavone' cable and sent it to Mike but he never posted it with the project. Download it here.

NB: all games with dates of 20160524 where dumped many years ago, date is due to server move :/ :: return to mameau
20160821def42945Mortal Kombat (U) [!] (BOOTLEG)
20160524fe3e7e4fMega Games 6 (Vol 3) (E) [!]
20160524fdd9a8d2OutRun (W) [!]
20160524fa3024afBrian Lara Cricket 96 (E) [c][!]
20160524f9394e97Sonic The Hedgehog (W) (REV00) [!]
20160524f5c0c8d0Tale Spin (UE) [!]
20160524f04765baSuper Real Basketball (E) [c][!]
20160524e9742041Another World (E) [!]
20160524e8d10db9Mega Games 6 (Vol 2) (E) [!]
20160524dbc4340cBoogerman (E) [!]
20160524d7b4febfBatman (J) [!]
20160524d1845e8fDisney's Aladdin (E) [!]
20160524d0e7b466James Pond - Underwater Agent (UE) [!]
20160524ce36e6ccKid Chameleon (UE) [!]
20160524ce0b1fe1NFL Sports Talk Football Starring Joe Montana (UE) [!]
20160524c7b6435eBeavis and Butt-head (E) [!]
20160524c276c220Ren and Stimpy Show, The - Stimpy's Invention (E) [!]
20160524c1a24088Vectorman 2 (U) [!]
20160524b8c04804Ranger-X (E) [!]
20160524b66fb80dMega Games 6 (Vol 1) (E) [!]
20160524afe05eeeSonic The Hedgehog (W) (REV01) [!]
20160524af041be6Ms. Pac-Man (U) [!]
20160524aee20a64NOT MATCHED
20160524a920c852NOT MATCHED
20160524a605b65bHerzog Zwei (UE) [!]
20160524a5c946b3Quack Shot Starring Donald Duck (W) (REV01) [a1][c][!]
20160524a4f48a1aTime Killers (E) [!]
201605249c47bc954-in-1 [p1][b1]
2016052492e7aadbLakers vs Celtics and the NBA Playoffs (UE) [p1][!]
20160524924e57d3Olympic Gold - Barcelona 92 (E) (M8) [c][!]
201605248e89a9f3Toy Story (E) [!]
201605248db9f378Virtual Bart (W) [!]
201605248c70b84eSonic Compilation (E) (REV00) [!]
201605247b905383Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (W) (REV01) [!]
201605247ae5e248Gadget Twins, The (U) [!]
2016052474c65a49Blades of Vengeance (UE) [!]
201605246c6f4b89ECCO Jr. (U) (REV00) [!]
20160524682c192fSuper Street Fighter II - The New Challengers (E) [c][!]
2016052466018abcNBA Live 95 (UE) [!]
201605245c218c6aMick & Mack as the Global Gladiators (E) [!]
201605245bd0882dTruxton (W) [!]
2016052456d41136Street Fighter II' - Special Champion Edition (E) [!]
2016052452c7252bLight Crusader (E) (M4) [!]
20160524512ade32Spider-Man and Venom - Separation Anxiety (UE) [!]
201605244d47a647Rambo III (W) (REV01) [!]
201605244bfe045cLethal Enforcers II - Gun Fighters (E) [!]
201605244b07a105Mazin Wars (E) [!]
20160524448341f6Jurassic Park (E) [!]
20160524400f4ba7Aquatic Games - Starring James Pond, The (UE) [!]
201605243e30d365Bubsy in Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind (UE) [!]
201605243b78135fStreets of Rage 3 (E) (Apr 1994) [!]
2016052435b995efArnold Palmer Tournament Golf (UE) [!]
2016052433b1979fEx-Mutants (U) [!]
2016052431b83d22Splatterhouse Part 3 (J) [c][!]
2016052429ff58aeAction 52 (Unl) [!]
2016052418c09468True Lies (W) [!]
201605241592f5b0Wonder Boy in Monster World (UE) [!]
2016052411e9c3f2Psycho Pinball (E) (Sep 1994) (M5) [c][!]
2016052410fa248fNBA Jam (UE) (REV00) [!]
201605240c661369Turbo Outrun (JE) [c][!]
201605240658f691Sonic and Knuckles (W) [!]