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Cannonball Outrun Engine Debian Compilation Fixes

If you run over to GitHub today you will find I have committed a Cannonball Outrun Engine Debian complication fixes in this commit. The issue with memcpy not being declared was first brought to our attention by QkiZ in the comments. The fix (for Debian at least) was quite simple, we needed to include the <cstring> string.h header in /src/main/hwvideo/hwtiles.cpp where the error was generated. For reference purposes the actual error generated was,

error: ‘memcpy’ was not declared in this scope


I have also added a small correction to /cmake/CMakeLists.txt which should theoretically be cross-platform compatible. The existing CMakeLists.txt file would not find debian.cmake when executed from the root repository directory as,

cmake cmake -DTARGET=debian

Error as presented for reference

CMake files for debian not found, using default.cmake


Now with the Cannonball Outrun Engine successfully compiled we can all go ahead and continue enjoying this great project again.

Our original compile guide still applies once your source files are up to date with my GitHub branch.


NB: We will just go ahead and ignore the buggered up attempt at a merge, need to look into what went wrong there, needless to say it went badly!

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