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Cannonball for Linux x86_64/i686 TARs & Compile Guide (Updated)

cannonball_ingame_2Stumbled across a cool project tonight, Cannonball – The Enhanced OutRun Engine. This is a completely rewritten and enhanced version of Yu Suzuki’s game engine by Chris White.

Tonight I cloned the sources from github and decided to see how difficult it would be to compile a native version for Linux. Built on Ubuntu 12.xx, only the 64bit version has been tested.


To compile Cannonball yourself under Ubuntu 12.xx:

  • Install the required packages
$ sudo apt-get install build-essential git cmake libsdl1.2-dev libboost-dev
  • Clone the latest source from the git repository
$ git clone
  • Download the new ubuntu.cmake file NO LONGER REQUIRED debian.cmake is included in latest git versions
  • Extract the cannonball-ubuntu-cmake.tar.gz and place the resulting files in the correct place.
$ tar xzvf cannonball-ubuntu-cmake.tar.gz
$ mv cmake/ubuntu.cmake <cloned_git_repository_path>/cmake
  • Change to newly cloned git repository directory
$ cd <cloned_git_repository_path>
  • Edit CMakeLists.txt
$ nano cmake/CMakeLists.txt
  • Edit line 11 to read: include(ubuntu.cmake)
  • Confirm CMAKE variable is correct on Line 5, it should read
set(CMDIR cmake)
  • Run cmake on the cmake directory from the git repository root with the debian target
$ cmake cmake -DTARGET=debian
  • Build the game
$ make
  • Play the game

Note: You will need to obtain the required rom files and extract them into the roms directory, if you run ./cannonball without the rom in place it will give you a list of filenames you can then use in google to locate the required files.


cannonball ingame



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